Founded in 2008, Manifesto is an award-winning global design group with offices in New York and Seoul,united in the belief that even everyday materials and conditions can be transformed into products of exceptional value if approached with an innovative human-centered, process-based approach. As the founding entity, MANIFESTO ARCHITECTURE is a licensed architecture firm with experience ranging from interior designs to urban design and master plans, critically examining urban conditions at a larger, more concrete scale. Expanding on the group’s interest in the more intimate and sometimes abstract aspects of urban life, MANIFESTO DESIGN LAB was founded in order to interrogate and provide design solutions for a wide range of issues including household products, sustainable strategies and user experience.

Together the group actively explores how various types and scales of design solutions have the power to dictate the physical spaces we occupy as well as those in between, all of which are essential in defining the identities of the cities in which we reside.

With an interdisciplinary team of architects, designers, business strategists, and UX/software engineers, Manifesto works across a broad spectrum of industries including environmental and industrial design, consumer electronics, energy, media, education, retail, and fashion. Collectively the team has extensive experience providing products and services to clients including Invesco Real Estate, MTV, SK, Hanssem, Kyochon F&B, KAIST University, Vanke China and many others.

"무지무지(無智無知)하다 미래미래(未來美來)하다"

강연과 토의를 통해 지식을 쌓고 지혜를 나누면 아름다운 미래가 옵니다.

21세기의 다양한 분야에서 뛰어난 결과를 만든 크리에이터들의 이야기를 통해 지식을 얻고 지혜를 나누어 미래의 아름다운 것을 찾아갑니다.